Foreign Keys

The Fuel Indexer service supports Foreign Key constraints and relationships using a combination of GraphQL schema and a data layer (whether Postgres or SQLite). Below you'll find a simple example of how to use Foreign Keys.

IMPORTANT: At the moment, due to some SQLite quirks, Fuel Indexer SQLite only supports foreign key relationships, not foreign key constraints. We are very much open to changing this in the future.

To demonstrate how the Indexer uses GraphQL schema to resolve foreign key relationships, given the following schema:

schema {
    query: QueryRoot

type QueryRoot {
    book: Book
    library: Library

type Book {
    id: ID!
    name: Bytes8!

type Library {
    id: ID!
    book: Book!

Two entities will be created: a Book entity, and a Library entity. As you can see, we add the Book entity as an attribute on the Library entity, thus conveying that we want a one-to-many or one-to-one relationship between Library and Book. This means that for a given Library, we may also fetch one or many Book entities.