Index Registration

  • The Fuel indexer service allows users to upload new indices at runtime, with absolutely no downtime required to start using your new index.
  • Meaning, as soon as users upload new assets to the service, those assets are immediately registered, and a new executor is created using the new assets.
    • This provides the benefit of no service downtime, and allows users to immediately get started using their new index.


We encourage users to use the forc index plugin for most (if not all) Fuel Indexer interaction.

With forc index

To upload assets using forc index you'd simply use

forc index deploy --manifest my_index.manifest.yaml --url

With curL

  • An example of registering a new index via the command line:
curl -v \
    -F "manifest=@my_index_manifest.yaml" \
    -F "wasm=@my_index_module.wasm" \
    -F "schema=@my_index_schema.graphql" \
    -H 'Content-type: multipart/form-data' -H "Authorization: foo" | json_pp

In the example upload request above:

  • fuel_indexer_test is the name of our namespace
  • index1 is the identifier of our index