The Sway Toolchain

The Sway toolchain consists of several components.

Forc (forc)

The "Fuel Orchestrator" Forc is our equivalent of Rust's Cargo. It is the primary entry point for creating, building, testing, and deploying Sway projects.

Sway Language Server (forc-lsp)

The Sway Language Server forc-lsp is provided to expose features to IDEs, which you can install with cargo:

cargo install forc-lsp

Currently, only Visual Studio Code is supported through a plugin. Vim support is forthcoming, though syntax highlighting is provided.

Note that there is no need to manually run forc lsp (the plugin will automatically start it), however forc must be in your $PATH. To check if forc is in your $PATH, type forc --help in your terminal.

Fuel Core (fuel-core)

While not directly part of the Sway toolchain, an implementation of the Fuel protocol, Fuel Core, is provided. Note that the SDK will automatically start and stop an instance of the node during tests, so there is no need to manually run a node unless using Forc directly without the SDK.