Sway Applications

The Sway-Applications Repository contains end-to-end example applications that are written in Sway in order to demonstrate what can be built.

Asset Management

  • Airdrop is an asset distribution program where users are able to claim assets given a valid merkle proof.
  • Escrow is a third party that keeps an asset on behalf of multiple parties.
  • Non-Fungible Native Asset (NFT) is an asset contract which provides unique collectibles, identified and differentiated by IDs, where assets contain metadata giving them distinctive characteristics.
  • Fractional Non-Fungible Token (F-NFT) is a token contract which issues shares or partial ownership upon locking an NFT into a vault.
  • Timelock is a contract which restricts the execution of a transaction to a specified time range.
  • Native Asset is a basic asset contract that enables the use of Native Assets on Fuel using existing standards and libraries.

Decentralized Finance

  • English Auction is an auction where users bid up the price of an asset until the bidding period has ended or a reserve has been met.
  • Fundraiser is a program allowing users to pledge towards a goal.
  • OTC Swap Predicate is a predicate that can be used to propose and execute an atomic swap between two parties without requiring any on-chain state.



  • TicTacToe is a game where two players compete to align three markers in a row.


  • Counter-Script is a script that calls a contract to increment a counter.
  • Name-Registry allows users to perform transactions with human readable names instead of addresses.
  • Oracle is a smart contract that provides off-chain data to on-chain applications.