Deploy contract project. Crafts a contract deployment transaction then sends it to a running node


forc deploy [OPTIONS]


--build-profile <BUILD_PROFILE>

Name of the build profile to use. If it is not specified, forc will use debug build profile

-g, --debug-outfile <DEBUG_OUTFILE>

If set, outputs source file mapping in JSON format

-h, --help

Print help information


Requires that the Forc.lock file is up-to-date. If the lock file is missing, or it needs to be updated, Forc will exit with an error


By default the JSON for ABIs is formatted for human readability. By using this option JSON output will be "minified", i.e. all on one line without whitespace


If set, outputs a binary file representing the script bytes


Offline mode, prevents Forc from using the network when managing dependencies. Meaning it will only try to use previously downloaded dependencies

--output-directory <OUTPUT_DIRECTORY>

The directory in which the sway compiler output artifacts are placed.

By default, this is <project-root>/out.

-p, --path <PATH>

Path to the project, if not specified, current working directory will be used


Whether to compile to bytecode (false) or to print out the generated ASM (true)


Whether to compile to bytecode (false) or to print out the generated ASM (true)


Whether to compile to bytecode (false) or to print out the IR (true)


Use release build plan. If a custom release plan is not specified, it is implicitly added to the manifest file.

If --build-profile is also provided, forc omits this flag and uses provided build-profile.

-s, --silent

Silent mode. Don't output any warnings or errors to the command line

-u, --url <URL>

The node url to deploy, if not specified uses DEFAULT_NODE_URL. If url is specified overrides network url in manifest file (if there is one)


You can use forc deploy, which triggers a contract deployment transaction and sends it to a running node.

Alternatively, you can deploy your Sway contract programmatically using fuels-rs, our Rust SDK.

You can find an example within our fuels-rs book.