Run Rust-based tests on current project. As of now, forc test is a simple wrapper on cargo test; forc new also creates a rust package under your project, named tests. You can opt to either run these Rust tests by using forc test or going inside the package and using cargo test


forc test [OPTIONS] [TEST_NAME] [-- <CARGO_TEST_ARGS>...]


<TEST_NAME> If specified, only run tests containing this string in their names


.. All trailing arguments following -- are collected within this argument.

E.g. Given the following:

forc test -- foo bar baz

The arguments foo, bar and baz are forwarded on to cargo test like so:

cargo test -- foo bar baz


--cargo-test-opts <CARGO_TEST_OPTS>

Options passed through to the cargo test invocation.

E.g. Given the following:

forc test --cargo-test-opts="--color always"

The --color always option is forwarded to cargo test like so:

cargo test --color always

-h, --help

Print help information


You can write tests in Rust using our Rust SDK. These tests can be run using forc test, which will look for Rust tests under the tests/ directory (which is created automatically with forc new).

You can find an example under the Testing with Rust section.