Each toolchain has several "components", which are tools used to develop on Fuel.

The fuelup component command is used to manage the installed components.

Components can be added to an already-installed toolchain with the fuelup component command:

fuelup component add forc

In custom toolchains, you also have the choice of adding a specific version of a component:

fuelup component add forc@0.30.1

Components overview

The following is an overview of components installable through fuelup:

  • forc — The Fuel Orchestrator, a suite of tools to work with the Fuel ecosystem. This comes with some built-in plugin executables, namely forc-client, forc-fmt and forc-lsp.
  • fuel-core — Full node implementation of the Fuel v2 protocol, written in Rust.
  • forc-explore — A Forc plugin for running the Fuel Block Explorer.
  • forc-wallet - A Forc plugin for managing Fuel wallets.