Usage: forc-doc [OPTIONS]


--manifest-path <MANIFEST_PATH>

Path to the Forc.toml file. By default, forc-doc searches for the Forc.toml file in the current directory or any parent directory


Include non-public items in the documentation


Open the docs in a browser after building them


Offline mode, prevents Forc from using the network when managing dependencies. Meaning it will only try to use previously downloaded dependencies

-s, --silent

Silent mode. Don't output any warnings or errors to the command line


Requires that the Forc.lock file is up-to-date. If the lock file is missing, or it needs to be updated, Forc will exit with an error


Do not build documentation for dependencies

--ipfs-node <IPFS_NODE>

The IPFS Node to use for fetching IPFS sources.

Possible values: PUBLIC, LOCAL, <GATEWAY_URL>

-h, --help

Print help (see a summary with '-h')

-V, --version

Print version