The Sway language server is contained in the forc-lsp binary, which is installed as part of the Fuel toolchain. Once installed, it can be used with a variety of IDEs. It must be installed for any of the IDE plugins to work.

Note: There is no need to manually run forc-lsp (the plugin will automatically start it), however both forc and forc-lsp must be in your $PATH. To check if forc is in your $PATH, type forc --help in your terminal.

VS Code

This is the best supported editor at the moment.

You can install the latest release of the plugin from the marketplace.

Note that we only support the most recent version of VS Code.

vim / neovim

Follow the documentation for sway.vim to install.


Install helix and Sway LSP will work out of the box.

Sway support is built into helix using tree-sitter-sway.


Coming soon! Feel free to contribute.