A workspace is a collection of one or more packages, namely workspace members, that are managed together.

The key points for workspaces are:

  • Common forc commands available for a single package can also be used for a workspace, like forc build or forc deploy.
  • All packages share a common Forc.lock file which resides in the root directory of the workspace.

Workspace manifests are declared within Forc.toml files and support the following fields:

  • members - Packages to include in the workspace.
  • [patch] - Defines the patches.

An empty workspace can be created with forc new --workspace or forc init --workspace.

The members field

The members field defines which packages are members of the workspace:

members = ["member1", "path/to/member2"]

The members field accepts entries to be given in relative path with respect to the workspace root. Packages that are located within a workspace directory but are not contained within the members set are ignored.

The [patch] section

The [patch] section can be used to override any dependency in the workspace dependency graph. The usage is the same with package level [patch] section and details can be seen here.

It is not allowed to declare patch table in member of a workspace if the workspace manifest file contains a patch table.


members = ["member1", "path/to/member2"]

std = { git = "", branch = "test" }

In the above example each occurance of std as a dependency in the workspace will be changed with std from test branch of sway repo.

Some forc commands that support workspaces

  • forc build - Builds an entire workspace.
  • forc deploy - Builds and deploys all deployable members (i.e, contracts) of the workspace in the correct order.
  • forc run - Builds and runs all scripts of the workspace.
  • forc check - Checks all members of the workspace.
  • forc update - Checks and updates workspace level Forc.lock file that is shared between workspace members.
  • forc clean - Cleans all output artifacts for each member of the workspace.
  • forc fmt - Formats all members of a workspace.