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The SDK uses the Bech32 type as the core property of the Address class, specifically through the bech32Address property.

Originally designed for Bitcoin, the Bech32 format offers numerous advantages such as enhanced error detection, simplified integrations, and improved compatibility with future upgrades. Given these benefits, the Address class is constructed around the Bech32 type.

You can read more about the Bech32 type here.

Default Human-Readable Part (HRP)

A Bech32 address consists of an HRP (Human-Readable Part) followed by the number 1, which acts as a separator:

export type Bech32Address = `fuel${string}`;
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A complete Bech32 address will resemble the following:

const address = Address.fromRandom();


// fuel1d5cfwekq78r0zq73g7eg0747etkaxxltrqx5tncm7lvg89awe3hswhqjhs
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The HRP in the example above is fuel. This human-readable prefix is included to provide better readability and prevent users from accidentally using addresses on the wrong network.